24 Hour Emergency

The Centre for Animal Referral and Emergency offers an emergency and critical care service staffed by veterinarians 24 hours a day, throughout the year, including all public holidays.

Parking Information

CARE is situated at 5 Hood St, Collingwood. Hood St is a slip lane off Hoddle St when heading north, just after Gipps St. There is parking on Hood St, including an Emergency Parking bay, at the front of the clinic. Three further designated client carparks are provided at the back of the clinic (92 Islington St).

Frequently Asked Questions

If your pet has developed any signs which concern you out-of-hours and your regular veterinarian is not open, then they may require emergency veterinary attention. If you are uncertain, you are welcome to ring us and ask, although over the phone we can never be certain that your pet won't require attention. During the consultation, an emergency veterinarian will take a history of your pet's illness (if they are on medications, please bring them), examine your pet and discuss options for diagnostics, care and treatment.

No, appointments are not required for emergency consultations, however, it is advisable that you ring ahead to notify us that you are coming, so we can prepare for your pet's arrival. Appointments are definitely required for the specialist referral services.

Our emergency consultations are run on a triage system, where the most urgent cases are seen first. Therefore, there may be a wait if more urgent life-threatening cases require immediate attention.

Yes. We accept cash, eftpos and credit cards (not American Express). If your animal is admitted to hospital a deposit will be required at the time of admission.

This depends on the veterinarian's assessment of your pet's condition. They will discuss with you a range of different treatment options and plans to suit you and your pet. They will also provide an estimate of costs. Our specifically designed intensive care unit within the hospital allows 24-hour care of patients who require ongoing treatment. Once your pet is stabilised, you will often have the option to transfer them back to the care of your regular veterinarian, who receives regular updates from our clinic whilst your pet is in our hospital.



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